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RISE Mentoring 

Our Kings and Queen students are ready to connect with you!



Community members: Our students are eager to learn so much from people in our community. As we begin our 4th year, we are ready to connect students' curiosity and goals with those that share those same. Are you ready to motivate, give guidance, provide support, and build success for a Black student in Utah? Then this program is for you! We want to set our students up for success and be ready to go out and conquer this big, whole world. 


Mentors will be asked to meet with mentees once a month using a mentor supported curriculum, virtually. Jr Mentors also qualify, grades 9-12 or college/university. 


Students- Connecting with our community is important to our growth and development as students. It's helpful to have people in our lives from different areas. Having a mentor provides guidance, growth, and support. These individuals are great to use on a job application and resume as you begin your career and job search. 


We hope you sign up to gain mentorship this year and connect to our Black community. 

RISE KING is for Black male children to come to gain internal confidence, learn adequacy, leadership, self reliance. Most importantly, our young men will gain a community that will encourage them to experience black boy joy, and help shape them into successful young black men who will become bigger than the picture the world frames them to see. We partner with various organizations across the valley.

RISE QUEEN is for our Black female children to help educate, empower and encourage girls to be their best selves. We partner with our sister organization, Curly Me! SLC. 

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